No Park Yoga for the next 2 Saturdays, but still rockin’ Wednesdays–AND a Yoga Private to Boot!

Hello Yogis and Yoginis:
I just wanted to let you know there will be NO Park Yoga on Saturday, July 5 and July 11th.  The 5th is a holiday weekend, and the 11th I will be traveling.  The Wednesday at 6:00pm classes will not be interrupted.  In the shade of the pines on the east side of the property, we have been enjoying soft, cooling breezes and delightful practices.  It has been surprisingly comfortable even on warm days.
Here is the special for yoga privates:  Your first yoga private will only be $20 (to evaluate what YOU want to achieve and map out a plan, and start your practice)if you  purchase  3 sessions for only $100. That means you save $80 altogether on your 4 yoga privates!  Call me to book your times at my intimate little studio at Lafayette Square(1128 S. 18th Street).  Offer expires on July 20!  Sign up now!
The advantage of yoga privates is that you are given close individual instruction.  This allows you to learn at your own pace and level without either “keeping up” with the class, or “slowing down” for beginner students when you seek more challenge.  
What can you learn in a yoga private?  You may wish to work toward a particular pose that has been difficult to achieve.  You might like to learn to meditate.  Perhaps you are an athlete and wish to have a practice geared toward pre-event training or post-even cooldown.  Perhaps you are aware of a weakness or balancing issue and would like a practice to help improve.  Or maybe life is just coming at you too fast and you wish to use your practice for restorative purposes.  In a yoga private, your practice is fitted to your needs and goals.
Hope to see you on the mat soon!
Call 314.375.6525 or go to to contact me.

Tomorrow at Forest Park

We had a great class Wednesday night, in the shade of the pines on the east side of the World’s Fair Pavillion grounds.  Class will be tomorrow, if it is hot–under the pines again, if the ground is wet, over by the fountain on the concrete.  If it rains between 8:30 and 9:30, NO class.  Otherwise, I hope to see you there.  I am heading for the game tonight–RAIN RAIN GO AWAY, COME SOME OTHER TIME, SO THE CARDS CAN PLAY!!Image

Downward Dog Days of Summer


Downward Dog Days of Summer

Yes, we will be at the World’s Fair Pavilion grounds in Forest Park at 6:00 tonight. We will practice in the shade of the pine trees on the East side of the grounds. Please bring water to keep yourself hydrated. It will be very warm, but still cooler than the 104 temp of hot yoga! I sure hope some of you can make it, we always have a good time in the fresh air.


Yoga Nidra group photo-Oct 2013

Our October overnight for Yoga Nidra was a big hit.  At the end, nobody wanted to leave, so we put on the swimsuits, imbibed mimosas and hung out.  By request, our next Yoga Nidra retreat will be June 13-15.  Nidra is a celebration of the full moon, and this one will be just before the summer solstice.  The setting is beautiful and peaceful, the hosts-Doug and Karen Halbert are fun and accommodating, and this time there will be the hot tub and the swimming pool available to enjoy!  And the gourmet food–WOW!  Five yoga practices, ranging from breathwork and meditation to active flow are designed to make you feel gooood. We have 25 slots, the pricing is very affordable.  It ranges from the luxury suites to tent-camping.  I am predicting that again, a good time will be had by all.  for more info. go to,, or  I would love, love, love it it you could come.

Mother’s Day–easy shopping for a thoughtful gift. I am having a SPECIAL for your SPECIAL Mom!

This is always a busy time of year–Weddings, graduations, picnics…And Mother’s Day sometimes sneaks up on you.  I am offering $10 off gift certificates for Mother’s Day massages (only $60, my price 15 years ago, folks!).  As a Mom, I always anticipate Mother’s Day time with my children and am lucky enough to enjoy great memories  with my boys. ..and thoughtful gifts, too.  Massages are great gifts-one size fits all, but each is tailored specifically.  If you love massage as much as I do, and, I really really do-please take advantage of  my special and I will apply my talents to whatever Mom needs–pain relief, relaxation, or just some quiet nurturing to feel good.Image

Aromatherapy–smell that?

It’s a little early to smell the roses…but the hyacinths and the lilacs, YES.  Driving in the early evenings with my windows down, I am filled with emotions–memories of little boys (including the smell of mud), friends at work in the garden with me (mulch time already, Jill?), and the intermingling of BBQ smoke with the headiness of the flora(porch party!)–nostalgic and now blend to feelings of gratitude and a bit of homesickness. The nature of aromatherapy is that it goes to the core of the brain and elicits deep responses beyond our reasoning, but I am pretty sure it can also go straightImage to the heart <3

And so we begin a new journey-packing for it.

I was up at the crack of dawn, excited with anticipation of the 6pm class tonight at the World’s Fair Pavilion–habits from my days as a pilot as I perform my checklist(a very different one from the airplane days–hehe—-who KNEW?)

Straps and blocks-check/Sign up sheet-check/speakers-check/flyers for summer retreat to kinkos-check/incense-check/lighter-check/signage for the park-check/note for donations-check/singing bowl-check/extra flyers for distribution-check/release form-check/nametags for mat-check/marker and pen-check/scarf-check/business cards-check.

OMG…I almost forgot to pack mats!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In the old days, I never forgot to pack the plane!


This was the first class last year at Lafayette Park–the weather is much better for today’s start!!

It’s showtime–very soon.

This Saturday, while taking my walk through my wonderful neighborhood Tower Grove Park, I saw people heading for the park–yoga mats tucked under arm and walking with that smooth, upright, confident stride that I like to see with yogis.  I began to get excited about the advent of our classes at the World’s Fair Pavilion(6pm).  This morning I get up and see the sun and can’t wait to walk through the park and salute it myself.  My heart is light.Image