Park yourself in the Park today!

6:00, tower grove park–enjoy the summer breezes and the green green grass!  After work, relax and stretch in our beautiful park-on Magnolia, across from the Mo School for the Blind.  Prep for an amazing weekend-OM SHANTI, my friends–props provided, just bring a mat:) 


It’s not in the Sutras…

It’s not in the Sutras, but I think it’s Murphy’s Law…if you cancel a yoga class because of soggy conditions and it’s overcast, cold, dreary, and looks like yet more rain…the sun comes out, right?

No class in the park tonight–I already called it–😨


Playing comes naturally to most of us, I think, unless we are influence by others or by circumstances that taint or tamp down our naturally playful nature.  So many different doors can open for us to play–words, “plays on words” can be fun–jokes, limericks, double entendres , rhymes, storytelling- the world of fun can open up with an original thought, worldly enough…

This from

“If the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then lefties are the only ones in their right mind…”


Bringing Om home–your home practice

when you rise early in the morning you can ask yourself the question “what is that I need to start my day?” And then yoga has the answer for you. Remember –you can’t get the answer without pausing to ask the question. When you unfurl your mat and you breathe in the fresh morning air, changes already subtly take place…gratitude ensues and begins to frame your experiences during your day. Don’t discount all the different ways that your yoga practice can reach you and teach you. But first you must be willing and present. Om Shanti✌️ 


A good day for…fine tuning the niyamas and hanging with ducks☔️

The persistent rains make for a fine time for regarding a couple of the niyamas (niyamas teach you HOW TO THRIVE!)…but not such a good time for asana practices in the park!  Though we have shelter at Tower Grove–the rain is pervasive and unrelenting in its duration and it’s amount…so santosha (contentment with the state of things) and svadhyaya (inner exploration and self study) are perfectly suited for your yoga practice today…I do regret canceling and I hope we can meet next week 

 -without the water wings☔️

Drizzle isn’t daunting! 

See you at 6:00 tonight–on Magnolia we have a pavilion, across fro the Mo School for the  Blind–it’s exhilarating to practice dry and warm while hearing the fall of the gentle rain….yoga expands your horizons… Come and play (free will  

 Donations accepted.)

Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL morning!!

May has been a gorgeous month, fresh days a cool, comfortable evenings. Doing yoga in the park is a great way to bring mindfulness and gratitude into your life–away to celebrate THE ART OF BEING!  And you might get a little exercise, too.  It would be wonderful to see you on the mat today! All levels Viniyoga class….hope to see you there, on Magnolia in Tower Grove Park @ 6:00, across from the school for the blind.