Hustle and Flow Poetry

i brought diversity to the Hustle and flow spoken word event tonight.  A rambunctious crowd attended–many good performing poets…Ron and I watched and listened, also handed out our new flyers our NEW , LET’s HEAL  STL book. After a full day of work, relaxation and listening seemed just fine.  Thanks to Sistah Taraji and Poet Lightning for the shout out!

New Yoga Opportunities–students sought–we are KaBLOOMing!

Yoga continues to grow and expand in my St. Louis Venues! Here are some times and places that still have room for YOU. (Message me on FB to register or make inquiries, or email

NEW Sunday Night Restorative Class–Sunday nights, starting the first Sunday in November, 6:30-7:30 at Casa Bagus, (6318 Clayton Rd, St Louis, MO 63117 Phone:(314) 537-5304), 6 class pkg=$72, drop-ins $15…Need a minimum of 7 students to start the class. Total relaxation and rejuvenation prior to beginning your work week! This is a great venue for this easy, comfortable class…

The Thursday 6:00-7:00 Viniyoga/Restorative class is going well. ‘Still have room for a couple of drop-ins, if you are interested.($15), NEW SESSION begins November 13. Six-week session=$72.

At Lafayette Square, I have two openings in the Monday afternoon 4:00-5:00 Micro-class at the GardenWalk studio. You get plenty of personalized attention-the maximum class size is 5! ($60/4 week session, $18-drop-ins)

Also, at Lafayette Square, I have two people who wish to have a weekday morning micro-class–we need a minimum of 4 persons per class. (4 sessions=$60).

I continue teaching at Southside Wellness Center each Thursday at 9:00-10:00. Sorry, it is a closed class. My Southside Seniors Seated Yoga class is in its 15th month, with GREAT attendance! The average age of participants is 80!

These Southside Seniors continue to grow their practices!

These Southside Seniors continue to grow their practices!

Starting the first week of November, I will be the new volunteer yoga teacher at the American Cancer Society’s Hope House. I look forward to bringing yogic tools for peace and comfort to patients and caregivers who stay there during chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

Wednesday evenings at 6:00, I am teaching a class at The Syndicate-lofts that house many artists and free-thinkers…this class is closed to the public at large, but open to the dwellers at the Syndicate Building and their guests–a rich, exciting class.

Park Yoga Update: class tonight if no rain 5:00-6pm, last Park Yoga class is next week.

It hardly seems possible that we are this close to the end of September. I would like to thank all who participated in the Park Yoga classes this year. It has been a lot of fun and has been enjoyable to practice in beautiful Forest Park. I have met so many new students and enjoyed the company of established ones as well. We are moving the class indoors starting Oct 2–see Casa Bagus blog. Hope you can make it!!First yoga class at lafayette 033013

New time– 6:30 Thursday evenings–Viniyoga/Restorative at the new, BEAUTIFUL Casa Bagus studio!

Savasana w eyecover
Casa Bagus is located on Clayton Road between St. Mary’s Hospital and the Cheshire Inn. We have selected this beautiful new location for our ALL LEVELS VINIYOGA/Restorative class.

Casa Bagus feels like a wonderful yoga home! This space is quiet and beautifully furnished, just waiting for us to bring our energy to it. One hour of the class will be Viniyoga–working with breath as we move in and out of a variety of yoga poses (very accessible and workable to experience and new yogis alike) and practice learning how to work the pose while we stay in it. The final 15 minutes will be devoted to restorative practice–bringing a restful end to the majority of the work week. Props are provided and all you need is a mat–bring friends! Casa Bagus has a terrific organic juice bar and tea room, with plenty of seating for those friends before or after class. Learn more about Casa Bagus at

New class forming at Casa Bagus-please sign up now!

The seasons are changing. Our Park Yoga classes are winding to an end, IOpening of Pink Lotust’s time to come indoors. Viniyoga is yoga accessible to all. It is yoga for transformation. It’s time. I wish to invite all inexperienced and experienced to a new venue, Casa Bagus. In this peaceful and beautiful space you will soon find your yoga home. I feel it upon entering into the sacred space, adorned with rich color, one-of-a kind pieces of furnishings and pillows newly imported from Bali. When you enter the yoga room, your heart opens to the experience. I want to introduce you to this safe, comfortable space to practice. We hope to get enough to secure the space on Thursday evenings at 7:30. I am seeking the required number of students to make this happen, so please sign up now and bring some friends!

Those initially signing up for the six week session will receive the first class for FREE as well as $15 off an hour’s massage–yes, I really DO want this–for you and for me and for our progress in learning to live joyfully and fully. Please check out Casa Bagus on Facebook and the web,, located at 6318 Clayton Road (between the Cheshire Inn and St. Mary’s on Clayton Road). I am excited to share the loveliness of this place with you. Thanks to Dieter, who is offering the space and his graciousness. Shanti!

Yoga tonight and Saturday planned at World’s Fair Pavilion–our last Saturday class! YOGA NIDRA update.

Time to harvest gratitude!

Time to harvest gratitude!

The seasons are changing as Mother Earth starts to nod away from the Sun.  We will continue to have our Wednesday night class at the World’s Fair Pavilion throughout the month of September.  The September sun is always my favorite.  The slant of the rays beautifies our world and offers a richness unlike any other time of year.  It’s a time for harvesting gratitude.

Our LAST Saturday PARK YOGA class is this Saturday(9:30), the day of the YOGA NIDRA overnight retreat. .  For the Full Moon celebration (YOGA NIDRA), we have 13 participants who will enjoy the beautiful setting in Festus at the Hidden Hills Bed and Breakfast–and watch, hopefully, the rising of the waxing moon that will reach her full potential on the 9th.  Though our accommodations in the house for rooms is full, tent campers and/or others who want to attend a practice or two can still be welcome.  We have a set number of brunch attendees(13), so brunch for late comers is not an option–too bad, because our hostess, Karen Halbert is an AMAZING cook!!  Swimming pool and hot tubbing will be enjoyable amenities this weekend.

Nidra is a peaceful, quieting practice that lends itself to meditation and introspection without much physical requirement–to the contrary, the goal is stillness and achievement of “awake sleep” state.  Breathwork, guided imagery, and a beautiful natural setting will envelop those open to the peace.

As a teacher, I am excited and pleased to bring a comfortable and inspiring (I dearly hope) format  into play for my students’ individual and group journey toward quiet and inner exploration of their own consciousness.  Nidra is a treat-a plum for experienced and new yogis alike.  I love to serve it with relish!  It is the joy of restorative yoga with an extra helping of time and attention to the NOW–and, it doesn’t really get better than that!

Over this little retreat we will enjoy our yoga community of kindness–supplying plenty of laughter and playing along with our friends alongside and during our  yoga practices. Saturday’s quieting Nidra and Sunday morning’s energizing practice will balance us.

It has been an energetically rugged and potentially draining period of our history in St. Louis over this summer.  Hopefully, the lightening of the load will help us all to move forward toward change in more comfortable and meaningful fashion.   Ending the summer in contented way will be the perfect ticket, I hope, for the attendees.

Namaste, my friends.Yoga Nidra group photo-Oct 2013 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Opening of Pink Lotus Toes and violets Green mat for park yoga fishposes in the park hands resting on stomach

Time to harvest gratitude!

Time to harvest gratitude!

Class tonight-YES, Class Saturday-NO, Yoga Nidra registration deadline is September 1

<a href=””><img src=”; alt=”Enjoy a quiet practice into the stillness of the night of the full moon” width=”300″ height=”159″ class=”size-medium wp-image-665″ /></a> Enjoy a quiet practice into the stillness of the night of the full moon

Please visit to review the Yoga Nidra weekend and print off your registration form. Good food, great folks, a wide open sky and a waxing full moon with amenities of a hot tub and swimming pool on beautiful grounds make these two practice on the overnight ROCK! Please register as soon as you can to join us. If you have questions, please call 3143756525 or email me at

Yoga will be held tonight in the shade on the LEFT side of the grounds in front of the World’s Fair Pavilion. Our season is winding down for yoga in the park. Our shaded practices are comfortable despite the heat.

There will be NO yoga class on Saturday this week–Like many of you, I will be traveling and vacationing for the last summer holiday of 2014:)

YOGA NIDRA RETREAT–we still have space! (go to to register!) Join by 9/1…

Yoga Nidra celebrates the full moon–supports serenity and nurturance.  The Yoga Nidra practice on Saturday, September 6 will be outdoors on a deck, under a wide sky, beyond the city lights.  This practice will focus on quietude, moving from a slow, moving practice into total “awake sleep”.  Guided imagery and quiet will enhance your experience of energetic movement while the body is totally still.  For many, problems and worries will melt into the beauty of the night and inner balance is restored.  Nidra is very beautiful, enriching experience.  Sunday morning is a more active practice following breathwork.  This retreat is for all levels–you do not have to be an experienced yogi to enjoy!  Props will be included for your safety and comfort.

This retreat is overnight–allowing for time and space for quiet as well as fun with other positive people.  Our hosts at the B and B, Doug and Karen Halbert, generous and kind yogis who have been students of mine for 11 years.  Karen will fix us a brunch on Sunday morning after our morning practice that will be as memorable as it is tasty! (She is an AMAZING cook!).  The Halberts have also invited us to share their swimming pool and hot tub–so bring your suit!

At our last Nidra, no one wanted to go home after brunch so we donned swimsuits and headed for the hot tub with mimosas in tow–A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!

Everything from Luxury Suites (beautifully appointed and with a view of the vineyards surrounding the house) to couch surfing and tent camping (affordable!) is available.  We still have room in the Luxury Suite for 2-3 folks as well as the “fingernail moon” packages.  If you have questions, call me at 3143756525. OM SHANTI!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA