Forest Park Yoga–change!

Good thing I just blogged on change–cause our Forest Park Yoga plan has done it.  Once again, attachment is challenged and replaced by opportunity and creativity (the story of my life:) Maybe yours, too!  

Anyhow, the days are the same, but the location is different.  Please consider this your official invitation!

Here is the NEW and exciting Yoga in Forest Park!Image
Meet at the World’s Fair Pavilion grounds
Two all-levels classes/week
Wednesdays(6pm) & Saturdays (9:30am)
Donations suggested, but no one turned away!
A combination Stretch/vinyasa class
Bring your mat and a friend and enjoy the vista!
On-street parking
(class will be canceled if below 50 degrees or rain on class day)

Don’t let yoga intimidate you!

We see commercials on TV these days for active, fit, twenty-somethings who wear skin-tight spandex on their 100 pound frames…showing us how we can be just like them.  They are holding a warrior two pose, arms stretched out away from their bodies and looking like they own the world.  At twenty something, I was convinced I knew what it was all about.  And, I was pretty convinced that I would always know.  Well, what I do know is that I will never weight a hundred pounds (not since the 6th grade).  I will never be twenty something again (until the next life?).  And, I am pretty sure that the more that I think I know for sure, the more I am going to get the lesson that I don’t!.

Those commercials that are meant to inspire us often make us feel inadequate.  And those feelings of inadequacy are sometimes roadblocks to our health and happiness.  Hot power yoga isn’t the only type of yoga.  Breaking a sweat isn’t a requirement in all yoga classes.  Twenty somethings want and NEED to explore what they can do physically.  But 35-70 somethings NEED to learn maintenance and self-care.  And seventy plussers NEED to balance and maintain some flexibility, but mostly they need to relax and integrate their lives in quieter practices that prepare them for the next big journey.

Yoga is a tool for accommodating your changes, whichever stage or whatever is going on.  I have group classes, micro classes and individual classes…and soon will announce yoga in the park.  Let’s do it.Image

At, Get the “Skinny” on Spring (Low Glycemic Index Eating) Lose FAT/Add ENERGY

In two weeks, I have lost over three inches of body mass!  I haven’t starved myself–to the contrary, I am eating more often.  What I don’t like about diets is the hyper-focus on food—the scarcity and the feeling of deprivation that dieting imparts makes me obsess on food.  How many points to I have left?  Can I hold out til the next time I can eat?  Can I keep from having a feeding frenzy when I get that green light?  And, I hate that feeling of depletion of energy–massage and yoga require a lot from me and I have to have some left over for daily life and recreation (like dance:).   

Here at, clickImage the Low-Glycemic tab and take a look at this eating lifestyle.  Try it, and watch inches melt away-safely and comfortably.  Don’t go hungry.  Increase your energy.  Manage your wellness.  And, please stay in touch with me and let me know about your successes and your challenges.  Be WELL <3



Meet me in St. Louie, Louie, April 23 at the Grand Basin in Forest Park for YOGA (6pm Wednesdays, 9:30am Saturdays)

Image It is that wonderful time of year when we grow our outdoor practice!  We changed venues to Forest Park so we can now practice the morning AFTER a rain and not be on soggy ground.

The fountains and grandeur of this beautiful spot in Forest Park should be a very good place to explore, refine, and commit to changes of posture, positivity, and all great things yoga.  Salutations to my former students, to my colleagues, and to those of you who just have a curiosity about yoga—come out and play amongst non-judgmental and kind friends.  The recommended donation is $10 if attending 1 class/week or $15 if attending both–but, NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY!!

All you need is a mat and curiosity to explore your inner and outer self.  It is my honor and pleasure to teach this class–I would like to be YOUR yoga teacher:)


Spring into Self-care….massage and magnets to the rescue!


Spring into Self-care....massage and magnets to the rescue!

The St. Louis winter has been long and difficult for most of us. Usually (and as witnessed by the upswing of my business) people come out of hibernation with the realization that “Now, I need to take care of me”. I am no exception! I have been overworking a lot and became increasingly aware (my body wouldn’t have it any other way! Pain has a reason!) that I needed some help from others to help me regain my balance.

I started with a lovely massage from my good friend and colleague, Joyce Joseph, at the Big Bend Yoga Center–Unfortunately, I was being treated for repetitive strain injury–requiring deep myofascial muscle stripping (yes! It hurts even more than that sounds!!!) It was very helpful.

Then, I went to Cheryl’s Herbs (on Manchester)to purchase oils, there I ran into Cheryl’s 90 year young mother, Lenora Ziha (314-482-6470)–she introduces herself and greets me by saying “I am ninety years old and pain free”. I say, “Gimme some of that…”

She sells Nikken Magnets. I have wanted some of these for a long time. Since moving from the big house in Festus and losing my hot tub, I have yet to replace that therapy with something that can work for me as well. And, I have wantedd these magnets for a long time-they are top of the line! You simply place them over the inflamed area and viola!

I slept with the magnets applied to a sore place in my neck, on both elbows, and one wrist.

Today, I am (you will have to guess)____years old and pain free, too!

Thanks Joyce and Lenora!!!

Special: Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga Privates are individualized (45 minute) private sessions. Private yoga sessions are a fine way to tune up your practice, establish a home practice, or work on a particular pose or vinyasa (chain of poses).

For a limited time I’m offering a special rate of three sessions of 45 minutes each for one payment of $100.

Depending on the nature of your desired goal—whether that is a therapeutic goal to relieve pain and improve ease of movement, regain balance, build core strength, learn to be still to prepare for meditation, achieve an athletic goal, simply learn yoga in a private setting, become increasingly flexible, or strengthen.
Please call me to discuss how a private yoga session can benefit you.