Hello there,
It always seems so strange to me that for many persons in many situations, this web introduction is where we first meet. I much prefer a personal meeting, don’t you? I hope that we will have that soon.
For now, thank you for taking your time to visit with the two-dimensional me on my website. I hope that in these pages you will find the information you seek and get some sense as to the integrity of my work, my dedication as a yoga teacher and bodyworker, and know a little about my heart.
If this piques your curiosity, I hope you will then contact me to find out about my work first-hand. I am a big fan of self-care. I hope my clients not only use me as a resource whenever they are seeking a change through natural means, but also to be empowered and encouraged to love, understand, and care for themselves.
Please peruse and ponder. Ask questions and reflect. And most of all enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by and while you are here, enjoy this free download