At, Get the “Skinny” on Spring (Low Glycemic Index Eating) Lose FAT/Add ENERGY

In two weeks, I have lost over three inches of body mass!  I haven’t starved myself–to the contrary, I am eating more often.  What I don’t like about diets is the hyper-focus on food—the scarcity and the feeling of deprivation that dieting imparts makes me obsess on food.  How many points to I have left?  Can I hold out til the next time I can eat?  Can I keep from having a feeding frenzy when I get that green light?  And, I hate that feeling of depletion of energy–massage and yoga require a lot from me and I have to have some left over for daily life and recreation (like dance:).   

Here at, clickImage the Low-Glycemic tab and take a look at this eating lifestyle.  Try it, and watch inches melt away-safely and comfortably.  Don’t go hungry.  Increase your energy.  Manage your wellness.  And, please stay in touch with me and let me know about your successes and your challenges.  Be WELL ❤