Don’t let yoga intimidate you!

We see commercials on TV these days for active, fit, twenty-somethings who wear skin-tight spandex on their 100 pound frames…showing us how we can be just like them.  They are holding a warrior two pose, arms stretched out away from their bodies and looking like they own the world.  At twenty something, I was convinced I knew what it was all about.  And, I was pretty convinced that I would always know.  Well, what I do know is that I will never weight a hundred pounds (not since the 6th grade).  I will never be twenty something again (until the next life?).  And, I am pretty sure that the more that I think I know for sure, the more I am going to get the lesson that I don’t!.

Those commercials that are meant to inspire us often make us feel inadequate.  And those feelings of inadequacy are sometimes roadblocks to our health and happiness.  Hot power yoga isn’t the only type of yoga.  Breaking a sweat isn’t a requirement in all yoga classes.  Twenty somethings want and NEED to explore what they can do physically.  But 35-70 somethings NEED to learn maintenance and self-care.  And seventy plussers NEED to balance and maintain some flexibility, but mostly they need to relax and integrate their lives in quieter practices that prepare them for the next big journey.

Yoga is a tool for accommodating your changes, whichever stage or whatever is going on.  I have group classes, micro classes and individual classes…and soon will announce yoga in the park.  Let’s do it.Image