And so we begin a new journey-packing for it.

I was up at the crack of dawn, excited with anticipation of the 6pm class tonight at the World’s Fair Pavilion–habits from my days as a pilot as I perform my checklist(a very different one from the airplane days–hehe—-who KNEW?)

Straps and blocks-check/Sign up sheet-check/speakers-check/flyers for summer retreat to kinkos-check/incense-check/lighter-check/signage for the park-check/note for donations-check/singing bowl-check/extra flyers for distribution-check/release form-check/nametags for mat-check/marker and pen-check/scarf-check/business cards-check.

OMG…I almost forgot to pack mats!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In the old days, I never forgot to pack the plane!


This was the first class last year at Lafayette Park–the weather is much better for today’s start!!