No Park Yoga for the next 2 Saturdays, but still rockin’ Wednesdays–AND a Yoga Private to Boot!

Hello Yogis and Yoginis:
I just wanted to let you know there will be NO Park Yoga on Saturday, July 5 and July 11th.  The 5th is a holiday weekend, and the 11th I will be traveling.  The Wednesday at 6:00pm classes will not be interrupted.  In the shade of the pines on the east side of the property, we have been enjoying soft, cooling breezes and delightful practices.  It has been surprisingly comfortable even on warm days.
Here is the special for yoga privates:  Your first yoga private will only be $20 (to evaluate what YOU want to achieve and map out a plan, and start your practice)if you  purchase  3 sessions for only $100. That means you save $80 altogether on your 4 yoga privates!  Call me to book your times at my intimate little studio at Lafayette Square(1128 S. 18th Street).  Offer expires on July 20!  Sign up now!
The advantage of yoga privates is that you are given close individual instruction.  This allows you to learn at your own pace and level without either “keeping up” with the class, or “slowing down” for beginner students when you seek more challenge.  
What can you learn in a yoga private?  You may wish to work toward a particular pose that has been difficult to achieve.  You might like to learn to meditate.  Perhaps you are an athlete and wish to have a practice geared toward pre-event training or post-even cooldown.  Perhaps you are aware of a weakness or balancing issue and would like a practice to help improve.  Or maybe life is just coming at you too fast and you wish to use your practice for restorative purposes.  In a yoga private, your practice is fitted to your needs and goals.
Hope to see you on the mat soon!
Call 314.375.6525 or go to to contact me.