Rainy days (YIN days) are good for the “pause”

I am glad it is raining. I am glad that the pace of life seems slow. I am glad the streams are swollen and our part of the world is greening up. I will tell you why.

The shooting that took place in Ferguson was and is a tragedy. It was horrible for his parents, his friends, and his community. The media reported the outrage to the public and the flames of change (needed) have been flamed. The incident has underscored the deep scarring of that community and others like it in which racial tension and unfair practices have been living in tandem for a very long time. This horrible event has opened dialogue into the gap between the races. It has been significant and that dialogue has needed to take place. Michael Brown’s death and all of the pain that has surfaced since then has come to focus the need for changeWhite lotus with black shadows–hopefully to heal, hopefully to restore EQUALibrium. The questions that have been raised are important and I hope will be resolved, the community and our peace resolved in knowledge that there really is a change.

The rain brings with it new life. In yoga, it is the color green, not red that represents the heart space. Like the plants, green energy brings peace, growth, and expansion of life–a seeking of improvement and healing. Hurt often is expressed by anger, and anger grows when hurt is not addressed.

Finally, it is my desire that in the pause that the rain brings will foster the introspection by all of us, the required self-study to examine our concerns and hurts (heart chakra release), and open communications (the throat chakra, to release grief and honesty in expression), and release us from the chains of prejudice, anger, and distrust. May peace be with you and with us all–OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI OM.