Celebrate YOUR Independence Day…Your Yoga practice can get you there!

Yoga is the tool developed by the ancients to free up your mind, body, and spirit.  By loosening the bonds of restrictions in all three areas, a sense of one’s true self can be uninhibited toward a more peaceful and fulfilling life.  We live in a tense and demanding world full of turmoil and timelines.  More than ever, yoga offers the tools for coping and flourishing despite whatever else is happening.  There it is…the purpose of yoga is to make you happy!

Our summer fun includes Rooftop yoga (Thursdays at 2020 Washington-7pm), Park Yoga (in Lafayette Square Park near the Park Ave/Mississippi entrance), and I’m developing a new Humpday Yoga class downtown (at Industrious, 555 Washington-3rd floor-Noon, starting July 12).