About Deborah Gambill-Wordsmith

Writing has always been special for me. It's a matter of exploring my truth and pouring those perspectives out onto the page to share with others. I love whimsy, am curious about life, and love interacting with others. My many hats in life as student, teacher, therapist, and observer bring a rich and diverse impact. I try to bring integrity and my life force into my writing. My life as long term massage therapist and yoga teacher have helped me to have what I like to think of as an expanded view on life...one which I feel is most interesting and satisfying.

The role of “The Healer”

True healers know that wellness is the

order of the day, so they do not allow

themselves, even for a moment, to see

anything other than that. So, the power of

the healer is in the power to influence the

one who needs to be healed into a vibration

that allows the healing that they are

summoning. (that they could get, even

without the healer, but they can get faster

with a healer’s influence)


Exactomundo-Deb G


Notes from a Certifiable Joyologist: Gratitude shapes your Attitude

What makes life worth living?  I suggest it might have a lot to do with perspective.  In yoga, the word SUKHA (sweetness)–something that is supposed to be an essential aspect of every yoga pose–describes the difference between robotic repetitions in life and the joyful expression of living moment to moment in awe of the creative possibilities. Gratitude reaps sweetness in jobs, relationships, and in our homes. Keep it close to your heart, and good karma comes your way. VIOLA!

Arm HeartsI just read the testimonials on my deborahgambill.com site–my heart swelled with gratitude at beauty of words expressing human sentiments–SUKHA in the pose of LIFE!

Rooftop? Moving indoors today!

Yes, we are the dog days of summer. Our rooftop class is going to meet indoors at 2020 Washington this evening. We have cool accommodations in one at the lofts where we can practice comfortably, still with a beautiful view of the city. 

Meet us tonight at 7 o’clock in the lobby at 2020 Washington. Due to the extreme heat, the class will be mostly restorative and Yin yoga, moving  a slow and comfortable pace and aimed at recovery from stress and the heat. It is still all levels and is $10. All you need is a mat and a bottle of water.

We will still have our 8:30 AM class at Lafayette park near the entrance at Park Avenue at Mississippi this Saturday. Hope you can make that too.

Stay cool–Have a great day.

 See you on the mat!

I know it’s hot, but we’ve got cool places for your yoga practice!

You might think that would be too hot on the rooftop on Thursdays, but last week was a perfect example. It’s much hotter down on the street level on the sidewalk. I rooftop practice is shaded by the time that we have it and the breeze on the nine stories high yoga studio makes it a very pleasant experience. I hope you’ll join us at 7 o’clock this Thursday at 2020 Washington Ave. have fun with out the sun.

And our Saturday morning class at 8:30 AM near the entrance of Lafayette Square Park at Park Avenue in Mississippi is also shaded and wonderful! Having it at that hour makes the heat of the day pretty much and relevant. Hope you can make it.

We ❤️our summer outdoor practices, and you will too!

Celebrate YOUR Independence Day…Your Yoga practice can get you there!

Yoga is the tool developed by the ancients to free up your mind, body, and spirit.  By loosening the bonds of restrictions in all three areas, a sense of one’s true self can be uninhibited toward a more peaceful and fulfilling life.  We live in a tense and demanding world full of turmoil and timelines.  More than ever, yoga offers the tools for coping and flourishing despite whatever else is happening.  There it is…the purpose of yoga is to make you happy!

Our summer fun includes Rooftop yoga (Thursdays at 2020 Washington-7pm), Park Yoga (in Lafayette Square Park near the Park Ave/Mississippi entrance), and I’m developing a new Humpday Yoga class downtown (at Industrious, 555 Washington-3rd floor-Noon, starting July 12).