Lorelai Sees…Yoga in the Trees

In 2014, I became acquainted with a young girl, only 7 years old at the time who had a burning desire to learn yoga.  I am convinced that she IS an old soul in a young body.  In Spring of 2014 and in 2015, with the help of friends, we went to the park with young Lorelai to photograph her for my upcoming bookLorelai Sees…Yoga in the Trees  It is my intention to produce a simple book that encourages young children to recognize, listen to, and act upon their intuitive sense.  It is my hope that this book will instill a sense of peace when we connect our inner selves and senses to the beauty at hand in our world.  Our world needs change, a shift toward realizing our interconnectedness.  Lorelai is real-and I am hoping we will all find a little of her innocence and inner sense in ourselves.

Lorelai meditating