“I find Deb Gambill one of the best massage therapists in the St. Louis area.  She assesses each person to see exactly what they need. Sometimes I need to be relieved of pain and Deb,  with a light touch here and there, will figure out the exact technique to get the body adjusted to relieve the pain. Recently again I was amazed how she found the knots and with only a gently finger tip on the knot it melted away.  I used to go to therapists and ask for deep massage. I will never do that again since I learned how deep and healing Deb’s light touch really is. When I can relax as she does her thing, trusting she is going to find exactly what my body needs, I leave her table very mellow and calm.  I appreciate how Deb listens to what I need and goes from there. Deb is way beyond  your run of the mill massage therapist.  Oh yes, for a couple of years I had a shoulder hurting with pain going up my neck — a workout injury.  I had not been to Deb for a year or two because I was doing well. I went to her for other hip pain. As she was working with me she said — “do you know you have a bone out?”  I did not. She gently pushed and pulled and the bone slipped back in and the pain was gone. I had been to chiropractors for the pain and had given up hoping surgery would not be on my list down the road.” — Rebecca W.  2/18/2013

“Best massage I’ve had in a long time.  Not only was it relaxing, but Deb used an orthobionic technique that really helped my hip.  It had been bothering me for a while.  She also gave me exercises to do at home and it continued to improve.  I was so happy with my session I treated my daughter when she was visiting.  She has scoliosis and her back had really been bothering her. She was extremely pleased because her back pain was almost gone after her massage.  Deb also gave her tips that she uses regularly.” — Diane H., Ballwin, MO   1/30/2013

“Deb’s yoga classes are great!  Great for all levels of participants.  Challenging and relaxing 🙂  I feel really good after her classes.” —     Laura P.,  Saint Louis, MO, 1/29/2013

“Deb quite literally saved my sanity by doing what she does best – body work and teaching yoga. I have fibromyalgia. The only massages I had ever had were only muscle work.  Deb used microfascial release and ortho bionomy to help re-align my body.  She taught me yoga so I could strengthen my body and mind.  I use both eastern and western medicine to manage my fibromyalgia. Deb is one of the best professionals I know. She teaches you how to help yourself, when I have pulled something out of whack in my body, she uses her techniques to re-align me.  There are many massage therapists, but few who actually “fix” your body.  If you follow her advise, and go see her to “get fixed” when you are broken, you’ll be one happy person.  She not only helps me, but my husband and sons, also.  Twice yearly, my husband started pulling out his lower back.  At the Dr.’s office, they just doped him up on pain killers and muscle relaxers.  Which only masks the origin of the pain, and does nothing to fix the musculature problems.  After going to Deb, he has never had to see a doctor about his lower back again.  The first time it took a couple visits. Then the frequency in which he pulled his lower back out was less and less. He has not pulled out his back in years. He did, however, just recently have a pinched nerve, causing pain and numbness in his right leg.  After the first visit, the pain went down considerably.  By the second visit, there was no more pain. And after the third visit, the numbness subsided, too.  In these days, where doctors prescribe a pill for everything, it is refreshing to know that Deb can use her skilled, healing hands and heart to help us heal ourselves.  Both of my boys have been helped by Deb, too. So thank you, Deb. From the bottom of my heart, our whole family thanks you.  You are a true healer, a wealth of information, and truly care about the health and welfare of us, your clients.”  — Stacey W., Bloomsdale, MO,  1/27/2013

“I highly recommend Deb. You won’t find a better massage therapist in Saint Louis. I am a college athlete and she has not only helped relieve pain from injuries multiple times, but has actually helped heal them. At one point I could barely bend over to tie my shoes because my back was such a mess, and the next morning after I saw Deb I was back to normal. She has also helped several of my teammates that had similar issues, with just as much success.  Not only has she helped me multiple times, but many of my family and friends go to Deb and rave about how she is the best and most relaxing massage therapist they have ever been to.  Deb’s resume and credentials speak for themselves (http://www.bigbendyoga.c…). It would be a mistake to listen to “Kim R.’s” naive review. Deb is extremely kind and I know from experience she would be glad to give a very good “traditional” massage that Kim R was looking for if that’s what you prefer. If you are considering seeing Deb, giver her a try you won’t regret it!” —  C W., Saint Louis, MO,   1/25/2013

“I went to Deb Gambill for 7+ years of yoga instruction.  Along with a soothing voice, her knowledge & experience made yoga class a pleasure that I looked forward to each week.  She gave all of herself sharing personal insights along with the practice of yoga.” — Laurie H., Festus, MO,  1/25/2013

“I was referred to Deb from someone at my church who had been recommended for carpal tunnel surgery – and was able to avoid said surgery.  My doctor was talking about rotator cuff surgery.  I sought out every other treatment option first, so that surgery would be last resort for my shoulder … WHAT A BLESSING that I found Deb!!  So talented at understanding my body and issues – I think what made my treatment so successful was that (in a VERY non-evasive way), Deb immediately zoned in on my C3 and C5 vertebrae in my neck and did such seemingly minor corrections at the very beginning of my first session.  I had been thinking, “why isn’t she rubbing on my shoulder?”  But imagine my incredulous discovery as I left my session, and seated in the driver seat of my car – my neck no longer “clicked” as it had for the last 12 years.  This was something that no other PT or osteopath was able to treat, so I had accepted it as ‘like that forever’ … I had never discussed with Deb my neck prior to my first session, I had only talked about all of the problems and attempted corrections to my shoulder.  So I was truly amazed at her insight, skill, and manner.  Perhaps I would not have emerged as such a believer — her ability is unlike anyone I’ve ever visited for treatment.  So very happy to be lucky enough to have found her – everyone I have referred to Deb have had similar success, so I would highly recommend!!  Especially for anyone that has been told surgery is your only option – IT’S NOT!!  :)”  — Jenn H., Imperial, MO,  1/25/2013

“I recommend Deb Gambill!! I have had years of headaches and neck pain. She explained what she thought was causing my pain. After a couple sessions & performing the excersices she suggested I have been pain free for months! I’m long overdue for another great massage from Deb & plan to return soon. Highly recommend!! She’s the best!!” — Sandy F., Hillsboro, MO,  1/24/2013

“Deb is a very competent and professional massage therapist.  Her knowledge of the body is amazing.  She truly understands how the muscles and tendons are connected and knows exactly how to holistically help the patient heal. She kept me going through years of sciatica pain.  I was also a student in her yoga studio for many years.  She is the type of yoga teacher who is able to break down each pose and adapt the sequences for all levels.  Deb has had extensive training, and St. Louis is fortunate to have such a kind, healing woman!” —   Susan D., Crystal City, MO,  1/24/2013

“I recommend Deb Gambill to anyone who needs body work done. She’s not going to give you a candles and music massage, she’s going to get deep into the tissue and provide relief. (You have a role in your healing as well, you have to want to get rid of the pain, work with her, breathe and relax into the massage to get the most out of it.) I have been impressed that she knows more than one way to relieve a sore spot and won’t give up until that pain is released. I went to her after a case of whiplash that I left untreated for 4-5 months, I was sore and needed relief. She said it would take more than one session to get rid of the scar tissue that had built up in my neck, and she was right! I know when I’m out of alignment and happily look forward to having her straighten me out. I could do it more often, I’d be a happy camper if I could!” — Laura T., Saint Louis, MO  1/24/2013

“Deb Gambill has helped me keep my body moving for more than 2 years….she accesses my situation on every visit and does a combination of massage, biogenomics and energy work depending on my needs at the visit.  I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and don’t know how I would be getting along if I hadn’t found Deb.” —  Saint Louis, MO,  1/24/2013

“Deb helped me come out of the most intense and scary pain I’d ever had in my life…a severe muscle spasm in my neck.   Not only did she provide physical relief but also gave me advice about movements I should do to prevent it happening again.   Deb has a natural skill, an easy sense of humor and warm personality.  I highly recommend her for bodywork or yoga instruction.” — Suzanne R.  7/11/2012

“Being a student of Deb has transformed my life. She is the real deal. Through the tone of her voice and the expert way she guides us through a practice, Deb brings the ancient teachings that have helped and healed people for centuries to us.”  — Patti

“Over the years Deb has helped me heal pulled back muscles, a frozen shoulder, tingling in my hand and various minor aches and pains. She does this not only with the work “on the table” but also gives tips on posture, stretches to do at home and other simple changes I can make to prevent future injuries. But do you know what is the absolute best? When you don’t have any specific problems and you treat yourself to one of her massages. Every time I can feel my body give a giant, collective sigh as I release the toxins that daily stress can build inside. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”  — Betsy