Downward Dog Days of Summer


Downward Dog Days of Summer

Yes, we will be at the World’s Fair Pavilion grounds in Forest Park at 6:00 tonight. We will practice in the shade of the pine trees on the East side of the grounds. Please bring water to keep yourself hydrated. It will be very warm, but still cooler than the 104 temp of hot yoga! I sure hope some of you can make it, we always have a good time in the fresh air.

Spring into Self-care….massage and magnets to the rescue!


Spring into Self-care....massage and magnets to the rescue!

The St. Louis winter has been long and difficult for most of us. Usually (and as witnessed by the upswing of my business) people come out of hibernation with the realization that “Now, I need to take care of me”. I am no exception! I have been overworking a lot and became increasingly aware (my body wouldn’t have it any other way! Pain has a reason!) that I needed some help from others to help me regain my balance.

I started with a lovely massage from my good friend and colleague, Joyce Joseph, at the Big Bend Yoga Center–Unfortunately, I was being treated for repetitive strain injury–requiring deep myofascial muscle stripping (yes! It hurts even more than that sounds!!!) It was very helpful.

Then, I went to Cheryl’s Herbs (on Manchester)to purchase oils, there I ran into Cheryl’s 90 year young mother, Lenora Ziha (314-482-6470)–she introduces herself and greets me by saying “I am ninety years old and pain free”. I say, “Gimme some of that…”

She sells Nikken Magnets. I have wanted some of these for a long time. Since moving from the big house in Festus and losing my hot tub, I have yet to replace that therapy with something that can work for me as well. And, I have wantedd these magnets for a long time-they are top of the line! You simply place them over the inflamed area and viola!

I slept with the magnets applied to a sore place in my neck, on both elbows, and one wrist.

Today, I am (you will have to guess)____years old and pain free, too!

Thanks Joyce and Lenora!!!