Yoga-Balancing Mind, Body, and Spirit-while enjoying your journey.

Urdva hastasana with the twins at tg

I teach yoga classes at FLEX Studio on S. Grand in St. Louis, at the Southside Wellness Center (Seniors-adapted seated yoga), and in the Summertime in Tower Grove Park.

Private Yoga:
1 session of Yoga Private–$50
2 sessions of Yoga Privates–$80
3 sessions of Yoga Privates–$100                 Call 314.375.6525 to set yours up!


Yoga Privates are individualized (45 minute) private sessions.  Private yoga sessions are a fine way to tune up your practice, establish a home practice, or work on a particular pose or vinyasa (chain of poses). Depending on the nature of your desired goal—whether that is a therapeutic goal to relieve pain and improve ease of movement, regain balance, build core strength, or just gain confidence to attend classes-we can work towards your confidence and success.


About Yoga and Me…
“Yoga is a beautiful exploration of self on the mini-lab known as the yoga mat. Yoga breathes energy into the body and spirit, creating a vibrancy that transforms life into joy. There is some form of yoga for everyone and it can be tailored for your needs”— Deborah Gambill

What you really need to know is that I love my yoga practice! My hope for you is that you do too. It is my privilege and honor to be a yoga teacher. I teach and sometimes combine Hatha, Viniyoga, Iyengar, and Yin Yoga. If you are new to the practice of yoga, find a teacher you connect with and show up for practice. Things will change—attitudes, your physical body, your serenity, your gratitude for your life. It is this simple—just show up and do the work and see what happens.  Yoga is medicinal and magical!.

I graduated from a Yoga Journal certified Hatha Yoga Teacher program at the Kriya Temple in Chicago (2003) and have received another 150 hours of training in Viniyoga (yoga therapy) foundations (2011), studying with the American Viniyoga Institute at the Mount Madonna ashram in Watsonville, CA..
Many thanks to my students and co-workers and to my many excellent teachers over the years: Gary Kraftsow and his crew at the American Viniyoga Institute, Kitty Daly, Lyn Magee, Thomas Fortel, my teachers at the Kriya Temple, Goswami Kriyananda, Rod Stryker, Eric Schiffman, Anodea Judith, Barbara Benois, Paul Griley, John Friend, Dr. Alan Saxon, Stuart Taws, The CORE Institute, John Barnes, Dean Juhann, Milton Trager, Cynde Meyer, my children, my yoga students, and all my angel friends who are caregivers and patients at Alternative Hospice…and Cheryl Hoard who shared with me some of her knowledge about the wonders of aromatherapy.  I thank my young yoga protege, Lorelai, for helping me keep my yoga fresh and honest.