Recorded Practices

The following two downloads are my gifts to you and your loved ones. These are my first two audio recordings. I firmly believe that they are GOOD FOR EVERYONE. So, please spread the word to stressed professionals, stay home mom’s, those who are grieving, those who are ill, those who are Type A fast trackers, for children, athletes, and elderly persons, yes, everyone in the world—

They are a culmination of my many years of healing work with people, yoga practice and theory, and my personal experiences as a yogini and bodyworker. When I did these recordings, I felt inspired. I believe that comes through. Please enjoy and share.
— Deborah Gambill
sb konasana w blanket over feet, under thighs

This Practice has two parts:
Part 1-The Set Up for Stillness
For those NEW to restorative yoga poses, please download and listen now to learn how to quickly and comfortably set up for your practice. (Experienced yogis, move right into the Stillness and Recovery Practice.)

Part 2-The Stillness and Recovery Practice
On this journey into restorative yoga, Deborah Gambill, CYI will lead you through a variety of experiences including:relaxation of body and mind, mindful breathwork, guided imagery, and energetic movement for achievement and activation of a peaceful state of self-healing. Suggested participation time-10 to ? minutes at your discretion.

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